• Civil & Commercial Dispute Resolution

    Contracts, negligence, equity, competition law, fraud, and government decisions. 


    Hundreds of decided cases as trial or appeal lawyer.  High Court appeals and applications.

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  • Insurance law

    Australia-wide reputation.


    2006 AILA national Insurance Law Prize for substantial contribution to insurance law and insurance law education.

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  • Professional Liability

    Insurance, defence, prosecution.


    Lawyers, doctors, hospitals, dentist, nurses, paramedics, engineers, architects, auditors, accountants, directors, officers, financial advisers, real estate agents.

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  • Injury compensation

    Many and varied injury cases.


    In 1983 at the University of Melbourne Geoff studied the law of damages under Prof Harold Luntz

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  • Transport & Marine

    Vehicle collision, marine, aviation.


    General insurance, marine insurance, causation, and conflict of laws, including High Court appeals.

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