Geoffrey Hancy - Barrister

Papers // Commercial

  • "Consumer v Corporation: Commercial Contract Litigation"

    Legalwise Seminar, Contracts Law Disputes: Key Issues and Hotspots, Perth 8, March 2018

    Download 79kB PDF
  • "Consumer v Corporation"

    LegalWise Conference, Contracts Conference, 30 March 2012

    Download 65kB PDF
  • "Understanding the Insurance and Indemnity Regime"

    Law Society of Western Australia Seminar, Leasing Blockbuster November 2011

    Download 77kB PDF
  • "Quantification and Proof of Business Losses"

    Law Society of Western Australia Seminar, Remedies – Part I – DamagesOctober 2008

  • "Risk, Indemnity & Insurance Clauses"

    LexisNexis Conference, Contracts, Perth August 2008

  • "Indemnity and Insurance Clauses"

    RiskCover Seminar, Contract Risk, West Perth, 26 June 2008

  • "Indemnity & Insurance – Damage & Destruction"

    Law Society of Western Australia Seminar, Acting for a Lessor on a Lease – A Modern Approach September 2006

  • "Conflict of Interest"

    Law Society of Western Australia Seminar, Costs of Conflict – Terms of Engagement, June 2002

    Download 58kB PDF
  • "Copyright Law"

    Australian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters, International Conference, October 2001

  • "Damages for Loss of a Chance"

    Law Society of Western Australia Seminar, Business Opportunities: Keeping the Ship Afloat or Salvaging the Wreck, 1994

  • "Has There Been a Merger of Legal and Equitable Estoppel"

    Law Society of Western Australia Seminar, Law and Equity – The Fusion Fallacy, 1992

  • "Estoppel: Friend or Foe?"

    Australian Insurance Law Association Seminar (WA Branch), Estoppel, 1991

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